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Extrusion Connecting System

The extrusion connection system PVS® opens up new possibilities for all structural design problems, whether for machinery, transfer and handling systems, guards, machine enclosures, work benches, laboratory facilities, cabinets, room partitions or exhibition stands. Rectangular, round, square or diagonal, fixed or swivelling: KANYA is the perfect solution.


Roller system

The special shape of the steel sheet allows the roller track to close when under load. This significantly increases the resistance against twisting or deformation.


Connecting Technology

The extrusion connection system PVS and the extrusion connection system PVS-Direct opens up new possibilities for all structural design solutions. PVS and PVS-Direct - the perfect solution for: quick, secure connections, simple and versatile assembly, highly cost-effective.



The extensive range of co-ordinated accessories enhances the cost- effectiveness of the KANYA modular extrusion building system. The best use of system extrusions is made when working with all the matching parts. Getting everything from one supplier saves time and a great deal of irritation, not to mention money. Customer-specific accessories are available or can be specially made to order – yet another advantage of over 25 years experience in system building.


Lifting Columns

Hydraulic lifting column system from KANYA with hand crank or electric drive