Who we are

KANYA is a world-wide leader for aluminum-profile-system solutions.

The KANYA aluminum-system is a swiss quality product.

At the location Rueti work approx. 50 employees within the ranges sales, engineering, production and assembly.
Our modern industrial building offers over 3500m², optimal conditions for an efficient processing in doing your orders.
World-wide we co-operate also with over 19 independent partners for many years.

Our international selling partners have their own offices, camps and of course the appropriate production infrastructure.

With this network KANYA extrusions and components are practically available in the whole world.

What we are doing

KANYA develops and distribute aluminum-connecting-systems.

With the elements from our component system, solutions are realized simply and economically.

Uses of KANYA products are in all industries and operational areas. Our possibilities are as various, as the desires of our customers.
A few examples from our service range:

  • assortment articles from stock
  • aluminium profiles cut to length and machined
  • components pre-mounts ready for assembly
  • building groups completely installs
  • special machines and devices
  • foreign material management

In everything which we do, understand we us as reliable services enterprises with the highest goal of the customer satisfaction.


Kanya AG
Aluminum Building System
Neuhofstrasse 9
CH-8630 Rüti ZH

Tel. +41 (0)55 251 58 58
Fax +41 (0)55 251 58 68

Mail: infokanya.ch

Kanya company portrait