Automation and special machine construction

From industrial workplaces for employees, enclosures and safety doors for machine to solutions for transfer and conveyor technology, Kanya offers a wide spectrum.


  • Machine enclosures
  • Machine doors
  • Transfer and conveyor technology
  • Workplace systems

Fire brigade, police

The modular aluminium profile is highly suitable for the vehicle construction of blue-light organisations as well as for roller container systems for the fire brigade. Mostly light profiles are used, especially for these applications.  


  • Vehicle construction
  • Fire brigade trolleys
  • Workshop trolleys

Hospitals, retirement and care homes

Whether it be medicine trolleys or trolleys for heavy lead aprons, Kanya aluminium profile solutions can also be found in the Health Service.
 Closed or partially closed profiles are mostly used for these applications. 


  • Medicine trolleys
  • Patient trolleys
  • Lead apron trolleys
  • Tool trolleys

Aeronautical industry

For working at a desired height or all around installations, we develop tailor-made and secure assembly platforms.   


  • Assembly platforms
  • Set-up trolleys
  • Stairs and platforms  

Automotive Industry

Line production in the automotive industry places high demands with short process times. In order to meet these demands, we offer individual solutions in transfer and conveyor technology.


  • Conveyor technology
  • Clamping and measuring device

Tool construction and metal processing

Where machines are standing, humans must be protected from them with a machine housing, a safety door or a protective fence. Of course, optimal access possibilities are provided. 


  • Operating material trolleys
  • Conveyor technology
  • Workshop trolleys

Watch industry

Particularly in the watch industry, attention is paid to precision and cleanliness. With solutions such as the electrically-driven protective hood or machine housings with closed profiles, care is taken to ensure this. 


  • Protective hood
  • Machine housing
  • Workstations

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