Innovative conveyor technology: customised solutions

The sophisticated Kanya conveyor technology is based on the aluminium extrusion modular system, in which we have 50 years of expertise.No matter for which sector from industry to logistics or for which goods (workpieces, packaging, etc.), with Kanya conveyor technology you can easily create your customised conveyor belt.

Discover the solution that makes your conveyor processes more efficient and customised. Because it is crucial to know the specific parameters of your conveying requirements precisely. Only then can you select the optimum conveyor belt for your operation. Our online configurator will guide you through a selection of features so that you end up with a conveyor belt that is precisely tailored to your needs.


Advantages of Kanya conveyor technology

  • Compatibility across all components and therefore high modularity
  • Sophisticated conveyor technology with few components
  • Simple configurator 
  • Fast delivery time 
  • Augmented reality view

Different types of conveyor technology for different requirements

There is a wide range of conveyor technologies, including belt conveyors, roller conveyors and timing belt conveyors. Each technology has its specific advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for certain areas of application. Choosing the right conveyor technology depends on a number of factors.

How to make the right choice for your conveyor belt

When deciding on a conveyor belt, you should consider aspects such as the type of material, belt width and length as well as the load capacity. Environmental conditions and the required speed also play a role. The Kanya configurator offers you a solution that takes all these factors into account.

What advantages does innovative conveyor technology offer? How do you find the ideal conveyor belt?

Innovative conveyor technology, such as that offered by Kanya, brings with it a multitude of advantages. Efficient and automated material transport leads to a significant increase in productivity. Conveyor belts and other conveyor systems enable work processes to be rationalised and accelerated. They also help to reduce the workload and manual activities, which in turn improves employee satisfaction and occupational safety.

Important factors when choosing the right conveyor belt include

  • Material to be transported
  • Required conveying distance
  • Desired speed
  • Ambient conditions

Webinar Conveyor technology

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Configure easily

Customise your conveyor belt in no time at all - including CAD model and quotation sheet. Simple, fast and exactly to your requirements.


Advantages configurator

  • Simple, user-friendly web-based application
  • Online shop functionality with prices and order function
  • Download CAD model (available soon)
  • Incl. augmented reality view


Brochure belt conveyor

The 6-page flyer provides a comprehensive overview of Kanya conveyor technology.

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Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ)

How is a conveyor belt constructed?

The belt conveyor consists of the following elements:

  • base frame
  • drive
  • tail
  • belt

What are the criteria for a conveyor belt?

  • Mass, dimensions, weight and properties of the conveyed goods
  • Surface and total load (kg/m) 
  • Conveyor speed 
  • Transport path - horizontal, incline, reverse operation
  • Environment - indoor, outdoor
  • Operating mode - continuous operation, accumulation operation or intermittent operation

What goods can be transported?

  • Containers or loose parts
  • Packaged products in cartons, boxes, bags, tubular bags, jars, pots, trays, sacks and bottles
  • Different shapes possible

Which motor for a conveyor?

Direct head drive:         Motor connected directly to drive shaft via coupling 
Indirect head drive:       Drive roller is connected to the drive via a toothed belt
Direct centre drive:       Can be positioned along the entire length
Indirect centre drive:     Can be positioned along the entire length
Drum motor:                  Used as drive roller

What types of conveyor belts are available?

There are various types of conveyor belts, including belt conveyors, toothed belt conveyors, roller conveyors and others. Belt conveyors are currently available in sizes 40 and 80, from 500 mm to 12,000 mm long or 140 mm to 1,200 mm wide. The Kanya conveyor technology range is constantly being expanded.

What is the price of a conveyor belt?

The price of a conveyor belt depends on many factors, such as the type of conveyor belt, the size and capacity, the functions, etc. The Kanya configurator guides you through the selection of conveyor belt components and displays the price throughout the process.

Is there a customised conveyor belt?

With the Kanya conveyor belt configurator, you can easily configure a customised conveyor belt to suit your needs.

How do I create a conveyor belt?

Our online configurator will guide you through the selection of conveyor belt components and ultimately provide you with a conveyor belt that is customised to your needs.

Do I need to register for the configurator?

No login is required for the configurator. You can configure your conveyor belt and view the price throughout the process. If you want to download the quotation sheet or the CAD file, you must register.

Can I save my configured conveyor belt?

Every configured conveyor belt can be saved. Regardless of whether you want to order it directly or not. However, you must register to do this.

What needs to be considered when cleaning the conveyor belt?

Cleaning is carried out with brushes, compressed air, water or cleaning agents, depending on the degree of soiling. The method depends on the type of material.

Where can I find spare parts and accessories for conveyor belts?

The Kanya conveyor technology programme offers a carefully selected range of accessories. From fixed side guides to adjustable side guides, corrugated edges, dust brackets or frequency converters to emergency stop switches and much more.

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