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The labor law requires an ergonomic design of workplaces. Optimised work processes and a corresponding infrastructure improve productivity. The ergonomic aspect is an important component of a workplace. Heightadjustable workbenches, optimal bench dimensions, lighting and individual tool positioning are just a few examples of a direct or indirect impact on the health, motivation and performance of the employees.

Kanya Ergoplace satisfies all conditions for an ergonomically oriented workplace system. Workplace systems are easy to assemble, are based on a modular design and can be extended flexibly. 

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KLINK console 

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Kanya system benefits

  • Customized solution
  • Ergonomically optimized
  • Modular, flexible and simple installation
  • «Industry 4.0» solution

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Current solutions

Interlinked workplace (assembly and production line)


Packaging workplace

Industrial packaging workplace

KLINK suspension console

KLINK suspension console

KLINK suspension console


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Assembly workstation in the production area

Assembly workstation in the production area

Industrial workplaces

DeManufacturing workstation

Industrial workplace

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