Automation and conveyor technology

In the manufacturing processes of today, economic flexibility is in particular demand. A wide variety of construction parts are assembled, processed or measured at increasingly shorter intervals on specially manufactured clamping and mounting devices. 

The Kanya profile system ensures that the layout of the devices does not become a disproportional cost factor,. The versatility and modularity of the modular construction system enables the widest variety of requirements to be cost-effectively and readily adapted.


Kanya system benefits

  • simple, ready-to-install solution
  • robust construction and and thin construction depth
  • easy mounting of sensors and adapters
  • flexible adjustments can be made later

Product range «transfer & conveyer technology»

Current solutions

Conveyor technology

Conveyor technology

Table conveyor system with chain conveyor

Materials handling

Materials handling

Conveyor system for an assembly system for automobile axles

Conveyor system

Conveyor system

Conveyor system for automation of a processing machine

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