Machine base frame and housing

Today, machine claddings do not just fulfil the task of protecting persons, but rather they are an integral part of the machine with a high demand on design.

Machining door

Machine doors safely separate the work area between human and machine. But also the opening and closing times, which directly influence the increase in productivity, are also relevant to the safety aspects.

Protective cabins and noise protection

The effects of noise pollution at the workplace on concentration, performance and motivation as well as the well-being of the employees must not be underestimated.

Automation and conveyor technology

In the manufacturing processes of today, economic flexibility is in particular demand. A wide variety of construction parts are assembled, processed or measured at increasingly shorter intervals on specially manufactured clamping and mounting devices. 


Workplace systems and Lean production

The labor law requires an ergonomic design of workplaces. Optimised work processes and a corresponding infrastructure improve productivity.

Operating material

Whether it be tool trolleys, medicine trolleys or a vehicle construction for a pick-up. Tailor-made solutions can be constructed using the Kanya profile connection system (PVS).

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